Keenwell Biopure Oily and Acne Facial Treatment

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Biopure For Skin Impurities and Excess Sebum (Oily and Acne-Prone Skin)

Antibacterial and combats inflammation, maintains hydration levels, essential for tissue structure it creates a matt film to combat excessive shine giving healthier appearance.

  • Light facial massage with active ingredient ampoule
  • Peel off mask
  • 4 intensive treatments One per week

Level 1 – Excess Sebum, impurities and comedones, open & closed pores 

Level 2 – Excess Sebum, impurities and comedones, papule, inflammation & redness, shiny thick skin

Level 3 – Seborrhoea, acne, papule & pustules, inflammation & redness, poor lymphatic circulation, signs of epidermal reaction

BIOPURE – Full Home Care Regime Available

4-6 sesions / 60 minutes 
– Sebum Production Regulation
– Skin PH Rebalancing
– Reduced inflammation
– Lymphatic Drainage and Release of Toxins
– Superficial Hydration Recovery

-Improvement to Facial Skin Immune System

-Reduction of Skin Redness and Congestion

1 Removing make-up

Remove makeup and any secretions from eyes and lips using Eye and Lip Makeup Remover Premier Basic (5 ml).

2 Cleansing

Cleanse the face, neck and décolleté using the Professional Gentle Cleansing Gel Premier Basic (2,5 ml). Massage gently for a few minutes and then remove with warm water

3 Toning

Apply with two cotton discs on face, neck and décolleté that have been soaked in Professional Toner Combination and Oily Skin (4 ml).

4 Preparing

Mix the content of the sachet of Peeling Enzymatic Yoghurt Protein Mask 10g with 15 ml. of water. Apply on face and décolleté with a brush (avoiding the eye and lip areas) keeping it moist for  7 min. Gently massage with circular movements and rinse with warm water.

Facial Treatment for Combination and Oily Skin
How to apply the Keenwell Professional Premier Basic Peeling Enzymatic Yogurt Protein Mask

5 Integrating

Apply to the face and neck the entire contents of BIOPURE Serum Sebum Regulator (containing B Vitamins and sulphured amino-acids). Massage with light movements to help the product absorb into the skin.

6 Restoring & Biopure K-Massage

Perform a massage with BIOPURE Extra control Purifying Intensive Gel.

7 Strengthening

With a spatula, mix the content of the sachette Peel – Off Mask  Number 9 With 75 ml of water. Mix well until blended and leave for 20 minutes. Remove the mask in one piece.

8 Re-Balancing

Apply Professional Toner Combination and Oily Skin (4ml)

9 Finalizing

Finish by applying BIOPURE Matt Moisturiser for Oily Skin (5ml)

Products of this treatment

Eye and Lip Makeup Remover Premier Basic 500mlK4409001500 ml2,5 mlDay & night
Professional Gentle Cleansing Gel Premier Basic K44200031000mlDay & night
Professional Toner Combination and Oily SkinK44190031000 ml Day
Monodose Biopure Acne Facial Treatment PackK465005580 ml.4 mlNight

No products were found matching your selection.

Biopure Purifying Gel Cleansing Mousse For Oily SkinK4605001150 ml2,5 ml. Day & night
Biopure Purifying Oil Free TonerK4606101200 ml6 ml. Day & night
Biopure Matt Moisturiser For Oily SkinK460400160 ml 3 ml. Day
Biopure Night Treatment Gel For Acne and Oily SkinK460200160 ml4 ml. Night
Biopure Purifying Deep Action Face Mask for Oily SkinK460300160 ml4 ml. 2 x per week
Biopure SOS Spot Treatment GelK460100115 ml 3 ml. As required several times a day

All Keenwell products are manufactured to pharmaceutical standards