KEENWELL Galvanic Facial Treatments

There are two types of Galvanic facial treatments;

The first one is Desincrustation which uses a negative charge. The galvanic current softens thickened skin and blocked sebum in the pores and helps prepare the skin for manual removal of comedones (black heads). Making the process safe and painless therefore improving client comfort. The Galvanic facial treatment softens the skin providing a deep cleanse not to mention a glowing complexion.

The second one is Iontophoresis which uses the positive charge. The galvanic current helps to push active ingredients applied to the skin deeper into the epidermal layers.

Galvanic facial treatments are for the whole facial area and specific areas too. This may include treatment of the nose and chin area and is suitable for all skin types.

1. What are the Contra-indications?

  • A pacemaker
  • Are diagnosed with a heart condition
  • Suffer from epilepsy or high blood pressure
  • Have cuts, wounds, and abrasions on your skin
  • Are pregnant
  • Are diabetic
  • Have metal implants in your body including a lot of dental work
  • Have spider veins
  • Are on skin thinning medication
  • Recently underwent chemical peeling

2. Take these Precautions;

  • Check the dials are turned down
  • No water is near the machine
  • Machine is in good working order

3. Warn Clients of the Sensations;

  • Warm tingling sensation
  • Metallic taste in the mouth 

The KEENWELL Clear Desincrustation Solution is suitable for use in galvanic facial treatments. The solution helps to unblock pores and deep cleanse the skin making it ideal for congested skin. It is an ideal treatment for thickened skin, skin with comedones, dehydration and signs of chronological ageing.

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The galvanic current is a direct electrical current and works with an active and passive electrode.

There are many benefits for the skin from Galvanic facial treatments. These include a reduction in dullness making the skin glow.

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